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Blackhole Protocol
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“A proud man, the result is always the pride in his own destruction.”

— William Shakespeare

The meaning of burning is to rebuild and rebirth, that is the ‘spiral upward’, or ‘roller coaster’ time curve in the philosophy of life. Huge damage might break you deep in bones, but we believe that the most wonderful things should be the rise from the ashes without losing the attitude.

With the rapid expansion of Defi ecosystem, considerable traffic and users has flood in. In parallel with the DeFi boom, more eco-tokens are accumulating on-chain, with new mainchain ecosystems and loads of application emerging. Such situation means that tokens are continuously issued and glutted in the defi world, overwhelm the capacity of the Defi world. Correspondingly, the blockchain world could use the recast to burn and rebirth these materials, bringing surging drive to the originally overloaded ecology.

However, projects themselves gain benefits from the token burning process, the process is not a zero-sum game. During the token burning, token holders could also benefit from the process. Superficially, token burning will only benefit the project owner, but actually, both investors and project owners could benefit in this mechanism. Obviously, burning could help stabilize the value of the token and curb possible price inflation. Then the stability of the token incentive investors to hold the token and positively effect the token price, thus keeping the network functioning properly and the bandwidth stable. Token burning also demonstrates a confidentiality and reliability characteristic that is more evident in the early stages of tokenism.

What is the BlackHole protocol?

Blackhole protocol is an approval-free cross-chain burning platform based on Ethereum network. Any user or project governor could create a burning pool by holding BLACK and old token LP to permanently burn the old Token into a new Token, thus gaining ecological vitality.

Blackhole protocol originates from Ethereum network and gradually spread to Polkadot, BSC, Heco, SOL and eventually the whole blockchain world.Any user or project governor could create a burning pool by holding BLACK and old token LP to permanently burn the old Token into a new Token

Usually, burning methods and targets would vary from projects to projects according to the needs of ecological developments. For example, stable tokens like USDT, issued at the same time when they deposited into USD reserve. And burn an equivalent amount of tokens as a guarantee of value when the reserve is removed. Some exchange platforms spend platform tokens buying goods or online-services for burning purposes; Ripple burns a portion of its fees for each completed transaction. Such things means that the frequency and targets of burning approches vary. Some of them burn all at once, while others burn different amounts in different stages until they finally burn the established total amount described in white paper. The key element of the Blackhole protocol is that the burning mechanism aims to reduce the total supply of BLACK, changing the supply and demand of BLACK, then increase the value of BLACK within the ecology through continuous token burning.

Creating token is essentially an attempt to create new value. The developer releases new token and investors or institutions could send old tokens to the contract address, from where investors then receive new tokens. Since the new supply and demand relationship, those tokens are entitled new value, and the same value convey to the developers, which means the value actually increases twice at the same time.

By burning the old tokens sent by investors, the developers are actually transferring the value of the old tokens into new tokens, rather than trying to create new value out of nowhere. If the demand for the old tokens stays the same, then the remaining old tokens will increase in value, and the value of the new tokens is derived from the old tokens. No value is created out of nowhere.

Technical features and application scenarios of Blackhole protocol

The basic logic of the Blackhole protocol is to mint new tokens in proportion to the base tokens of the smart contract. It is innovative in the following ways.

· Product Innovation — Openness and Compatibility of Black Hole Protocol Ecology

The Blackhole protocol acts as an approval-free burning protocol. Anyone in the protocol could create a burning pool with an approval-free invocation contract that can be directly infiltrated into any Defi project which needs burning incentive. In addition, Blackhole could achieve seamless connection with any project’s user interface by the user-friendly features of open-source SDK and special smart contract.

· Product innovation — Mutiple support for burning protocol

Native support for liquidity reward burning (creator-designed burning rewards), single token burning (with a single token as the burning token).

· Product innovation — The top-notch mathematical deflation model

Black Token is a special burning economic system that follows the geometrical progressio convergence model, in which all of Black Token will undergo “deflationary cycle”. After 15 deflationary cycles, the tokens will be left less than 5%, and the value of the token will increase infinitely with the “deflationary cycle”.

· Technical innovation — NFT and cross-chain set-aside support

Blackhole protocol is designed with NFT concept and cross-chain support. With the tight timing, Blackhole protocol will start NFT rewards and cross-chain burning, making a solid foundation for penetrating a wider and larger ecosystem.

BLACK Tokenism

· Platform income (fees and governance).

Version V0.1 will be free to the projects, and then token burning fee and reward distribution will be taken in the future, which will be used to repurchase BLACK. Black stakers can also participate in governance directly through staking.


Black Token’s life cycle will be divided into three phases. Birth — heyday — infinite deflation. In the first stage of “Birth”, Black Toekn will start staking and liquidity farming plans after the IDO.

Black plays a central role in the ecosystem, and its value mainly reflect in governance, a medium of ecosystem, and incentives of liquidity providing. As the Black deflation, the tokens would be deflation indefinitely.

Expected residual account after 15 cycles: 3518437 BLACK (≈3.518%)

Expected residual account after 20 cycles: 1152921.6 BLACK (≈1.15%)


Community Token Management Model


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For the avoidance of doubt, please note that the Protocol has not been fully developed. Any statements made about the Protocol are forward-looking statements that merely reflect BlackHole protocol’s intention for the functioning of the Protocol. There are known and unknown risks that can cause the results to differ from the forward-looking statements.

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Blackhole Protocol

An approval-free decentralized & cross-chain burning protocol, innovator of perpetual deflationary blockchain ecosystem.