BlackHole Protocol : Uniswap and MDEX Dual Platform LBP on April 28th at 21:00SGT

Blackhole Protocol
4 min readApr 28, 2021

Blackhole protocol, an approval-free cross-chain burning platform, launch on April 28th at 21:00 Singapore time, and the LBP runs simultaneously on BlackHole&Uniswap and WeStarter&MDEX for 24 hours until April 29th

The LBP will last 24 hours until April 29th at 21:00.


Portal 1: BlackHole&Uniswap ;

Portal 2: WeStarter&MDEX

Start time: April 28th 21:00 Singapore time

End time: April 29th 21:00 Singapore time

LBP Supply: BlackHole&Uniswap 1.5 million BLACK;

WeStarter&MDEX 1.5 million BLACK

Initial Price: Refer to Helmet IIO iBLACK price 1 hour before the start of LBP offering.

$BLACK contract address: 0xd714d91A169127e11D8FAb3665d72E8b7ef9Dbe2 (To join Use this Contract address)

BlackHole&Uniswap LBP Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Enter — and connect to the wallet (Ethernet REC20 wallet address), you will see the following screen

Note: The data for the Images below are test data only.

Step 2: In the input box, enter your subscription amount(ETH),then Click “Purchase” to Confirm. Then after that a pop up window will appear to confirm your successful purchase.

Step 3: Congratulations, you have now purchased and received your BLACK in your wallet.

Note people can participate as much as they want.

WeStarter & MDEX LBP Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 :

Enter , But first you have to configure your Metamask wallet into HECO Mainnet ( Tutorials on how to configure yourMetaMask to Heco Mainnet is Available online).

Step 2.

You will see the following screen, click to participate.

Step 3.

Go to the LBP pool and enter your desired amount that you want to purchase (HT).

Step 4: Congratulations, you have now purchased and received your BLACK in your wallet. you can participate as many times as you want.

Important Reminder

One of the important reasons for using BlackHole&Uniswap LBP for token offering is to effectively prevent front-end runs and speculation. Sales of tokens usually start at a high price and eventually converge to some lower price (and possibly higher than the starting price) with each buy and sell transaction in the process. We would like to remind you of some important considerations here.

Don’t rush to buy

BlackHole&Uniswap LBP is not a Flash Sale! You do not need to rush to buy BLACK tokens at the beginning of the sale, unless you want to get them early. The starting price is usually set at a high level, but will drop if there is no demand to buy. A better strategy is to wait until the price drops to your desired valuation and then you can execute your order.

About BLACK Token’s cross-chain

Strategic partner ChainSwap’s innovative technology enables BLACK contract addresses to be consistent across ETH, BSC and HECO multiple chains. By providing a cross-chain bridge to ETH, BSC and HECO, BLACK users can use lower transaction fees and faster processing times for multi-chain transactions.

an approval-free cross-chain burning protocol BlackHole Protocol The initial token offering of BLACK supports cross-chaining, which you can do through the ChainSwap cross-chain bridge.

Officially designated ChainSwap cross-chain bridge:

What is BlackHole&Uniswap LBP? What is WeStarter & MDEX LBP?


BlackHole Protocol strategic partner ChainSwap has pioneered innovative LBP on Uniswap that is mature and market proven. Currently, the only one that can do LBP is Balancer, and we aim to change that by introducing an open source library.

The current LBP model on Balancer lacks user experience and is complex.

BlackHole & Uniswap LBP , WeStarter & MDEX LBP smart contracts will be open source and audited for use by all.

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Blackhole Protocol

An approval-free decentralized & cross-chain burning protocol, innovator of perpetual deflationary blockchain ecosystem.