BlackHole Protocol Global Ambassador Recruitment Plan

In order to establish the branding effect and enlarge the range of influence of the BlackHole Protocol as well as building the long-term comment sense of the ecology of the BlackHole Protocol, we decide to enforce our BlackHole Protocol Global Ambassador Recruitment Plan. The plan is facing the Self-media KOLs in the DeFi vertical sector, rating agencies, community opinion leaders, social software administrators, video podcasters, and other domains in the DeFi vertical sector.

KOLs who meet the participation requirements will become whitelist users of the project’s initial KOL ambassador quota after submission of the material to the official channel and getting approved. Approved KOLs will be able to participate in the later BlackHole Protocol KOL ambassador platform to advice in governance and enjoy other rights and interests.

We would like to kindly remind you that due to the fact that we have limited scale of investment available and overwhelming potential investors, we are carefully selecting our investors based on their desire and resource available to help us build and promote the brand of BlackHole Protocol.

BLACK Token Ambassador Round Summary

· Total Supply of Black token — 100 Million tokens

· Ambassador Round Supply of Black token — 10 Million tokens

· Ambassador Round Unit token price — $0.0333 per token

· Ambassador Round Total Raise — $333,000

· Total number of Ambassador: 133

· Available allocation for each Ambassador: $2500

Vesting Schedule about the Ambassador Round BLACK tokens

(1) the Suppliers release a proportion of 25% the Ambassador Round BLACK tokens immediately when the LBP finishes.

(2) Take the first release of 25% of the Ambassador Round BLACK tokens as the starting time. After 90 days, release the BLACK tokens as each block.

Application requirements

· We welcome Self-media KOLs in the DeFi vertical sector, rating agencies, community opinion leaders, social software administrators, video podcasters, and other domains in the DeFi vertical sector to join!

· Experienced DeFi domain player with DeFi board private domain traffic, including but not limited to Twitter, Telegram,Clubhouse, Discord, WeChat, Weibo and other resources or fan base with more than 1500 fans and no less than 25% activity.

· High awareness and good understanding to the industry, able to respond quickly and keep up with the pace of DeFi market development, with the ability to think independently and express insights.

· Willing to build the BlackHole Protocol ecosystem, actively participate in the activities of the project cycle, maintain the project brand, make voluntary endorsements and invite fan members to participate in the construction of the BlackHole Protocol ecosystem.

Global Ambassador Benefits

· Early participation credits (BLACK Token early credits are for institutions and KOLs only).

· The adding value of the BlackHole Protocol project’s ecological development

· VIP access (priority review of projects recommended by top performing KOLs to go live).

· BlackHole Protocol community resources, platform resources sharing.

· Priority participation in BlackHole Protocol platform follow-up activities and programs.

· Enjoy the right to BlackHole Protocol ecological governance, advice and voting.

Global Ambassador Responsibilities and regulations

· Voluntarily establish the BlackHole Protocol community or Self-owned DeFi community, including but not limited to Telegram, WeChat, the number of not less than 300 people, add Telegram or WeChat official customer service into the group and set the administrator. We will monitor your account and inspect about the promotion activity for 3 days.

· Assist BlackHole Protocol in community promotion of relevant hot news.

· Assist BlackHole Protocol to publish the news and forward news into online social groups and personal pages.

· Actively promote and maintain BlackHole Protocol’s brand and coordinate with BlackHole Protocol’s official activities (self-initiated or official).

· You are not allowed to defame BlackHole Protocol, once found, our cooperation is canceled.

· During the cooperation period, KOLs are forbidden to commit illegal activities in the name of BlackHole Protocol officials and staff, and the platform has the right to terminate the cooperation immediately if there is any violation.

· If you use the BlackHole Protocol eco-brand to carry out unauthorized business use and cause serious impact on the BlackHole Protocol brand, the cooperation will be terminated immediately upon discovery.

Application Requirements

1. Join the BlackHole Protocol Telegram group (

2. Follow the BlackHole Protocol announcement channel (

3. Follow the twitter page of BlackHole Protocol Make sure your Twitter account is registered for more than 30 days and has at least 10 followers. Follow the BlackHole Protocol Twitter page (

Likes & Retweet (make sure to choose the Retweet with Comment option) the pinned Tweet on the BlackHole Protocol Twitter account, including $BLACK hashtag. Make sure to tag 2 friends in your retweet.

On top of that, retweet the Ambassador Recruitment announcement Tweet.

4. Share the link about the BlackHole Protocol Ambassador Recruitment Plan to any social media platform, including but not limited to Discord , Telegram, WeChat, WeiBo and take a screenshot, if available.

5. Invite BlackHole Protocol Customer Service into your community, This way will greatly increase the weighting

Please Contact Telegram @BlackHoleProtocol (
WeChat ID:DeFi_Book (Chinese Community Only)

Application Process

· Share your Telegram/Wechat username

· Share your Twitter username

· Share your ERC20 wallet address

· Confirm your email address

· Fill out the form:

· Contact BlackHole Protocol Telegram Customer Service for detailed rules
@BlackHoleProtocol (
WeChat ID:DeFi_Book (Chinese Community Only)

· KOL review and a dedicated staff member will contact you after review and approval.

Eligible KOLs will be announced via Twitter and Medium.

BlackHole Protocol reserves full right of the final interpretation of this plan, thank you for your interest and support to BlackHole Protocol.



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