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3 min readJul 19, 2021


In the past weeks, we have notified our community and posted an announcement about BlackHole Protocol being audited by one of the best Auditing services there is (Halborn). But we are dumbfounded when Halborn’s official Twitter page posted a tweet that falsifies our supposed audit with them. They even tagged us as scammers, but that is not the case.

The thing is, our team decided to audit our contract and chose Halborn because we prefer to be audited by a trusted and expert people in the field of blockchain security. We sent an inquiry to their website and they contacted us too so the deal was made. But the worst thing happened, in our mistake, we have sent an email to a copycat website. The scammer audited us and gave the result within one week and we also paid him. Below are the screenshots of the scammer who claims to be from halborn security.

Our team also discussed it with Halborn’s team and explained everything to them. We are thankful to Halborn for understanding our situation and they also helped us track and debunk the culprit behind this incident. The Culprits name was later found to be Kishan Patel.

He is using platforms such as Fiverr to prey on his targets, here is the link to his Fiverr account

And here are some of his supposedly audited projects

All for a small amount of money in exchange for auditing projects, diving deeper and taking a look at each, it has the same content in it. He is only copy and pasting everything and changes the name of the project.

After a thorough investigation, we have found out that we have been cheated and it is because of our careless actions. We would like to use this opportunity to apologise to Halborn Security and our community for this grave mistake. Rest assured that we will be more vigilant on our next steps!


After an internal discussion, the Blackhole Protocol team decided to do an audit with another company. We are in full appreciation to halborn for helping us find the real culprit for this incident.

Please be safe & stay away from #Scammers.

Best Regards, Blackhole Protocol Team

About Blackhole:

BlackHole Protocol is an approval-free cross-chain burning platform based on Ethereum network. Any user or project governor could create a burning pool by holding BLACK and old Token LP to permanently burn the old Token into a new Token, thus gaining ecological vitality.

BlackHole Protocol originates from Ethereum network and gradually spread to Polkadot, BSC, Heco, SOL and eventually the whole blockchain world. And BLACK Token will inflation suddenly at the very beginning and enter the deflationary model in a flash and keep deflating with the process of ecological reconfiguration.

Address: 0xd714d91A169127e11D8FAb3665d72E8b7ef9Dbe2

Total Supply: 100million








Blackhole Protocol

An approval-free decentralized & cross-chain burning protocol, innovator of perpetual deflationary blockchain ecosystem.